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BHS to hold head-shaving event for St. Baldrick’s Foundation
Students, teachers, administrators, community members signing to raise money for in honor of junior Anna Cunningham
Anna Cunningham

Basalt High School will host a St. Baldrick's Foundation Head-Shaving Event at BHS on Feb. 27 at 9:30 a.m. to raise money for childhood cancer research. This event dubbed “Basalt Bold & Bald” is being held in honor of BHS junior Anna Cunningham, who has been battling Ewing sarcoma since 2016.

BHS science teacher Brent Hayes and BHS junior Lecsi Glenn are spearheading the head-shaving event.

 “I decided to undertake getting this fundraiser off of the ground because I felt the need to honor Anna, who has such an amazing spirit,” Hayes said. “I’ve known Anna since her freshman year, and her attitude through all of the ups and downs of cancer treatment has been inspiring.

“Plus, it’s a way for our teenage students to focus on and support something meaningful that is much bigger than themselves,” he continued.

Glenn, a longtime classmate and friend of Cunningham, said: “I wanted to do this fundraiser not only for Anna, but also for other families who are affected by childhood cancer. It’s so awful, and I wish no one ever had to hear the news that their child has cancer.”

The community has already rallied around the event. Within nine days of its initial announcement, the event had raised more than $14,000 — well above the $10,000 threshold at which all of the money can be earmarked for research dedicated to Ewing sarcoma.

Currently BHS Principal Peter Mueller and Assistant Principal Megan Baiardo are signed up as “shavees.”

“I am so impressed with our students’ response to this wonderful opportunity to show our support of Anna and the need to help tackle this awful adolescent cancer,” Baiardo said. “From the bake sales to the individual pledges to donating earnings from their evening jobs, our students have jumped on board with both feet.”


How can the public get involved?

Join the event as a shavee. Make a pledge to shave your head and ask for St. Baldrick’s Foundation donations from your family, friends and community. Visit the website to sign up. Click “I don’t want to join as a team” to get your own individual fundraising page under the Basalt Bold & Bald event. (Contact event organizer Brent Hayes if you have any questions about joining as a shavee:

Join as a volunteer. You can sign up to get your own fundraising page (as above), while not committing to shave your head. The school is also looking for volunteer barbers. Contact Ann Burns ( if you would like to donate your time Wednesday morning, Feb. 27.

Donate. There are five ways to give money to St. Baldrick's Foundation in support of BHS efforts:

  • Visit the event website, and click “Donate.”
  • Check out the list of participants on the website and donate directly to one of their fundraising efforts — it all goes to the same pot.
  • Call (888) 899-2253 to make a donation by phone to St. Baldrick’s Foundation (the BHS event number ID# is E-13584).
  • Print out a donation form on the website and send in a check donation to St. Baldrick’s Foundation.
  • Bring a check or cash to the front office of BHS.

Come watch the head-shaving event at BHS on Feb. 27 at 9:30 a.m. (Cash and check donations accepted there.)

St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a national, volunteer-powered charity that funds childhood cancer research grants. Learn more here:

The BHS event page is here: (for up-to-the-minute information on amount raised so far).