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Basalt celebrates Students of the Month
Program recognizes role character plays in education
Star kids
Courtesy photo Students Etsy Torres Godinez, Jamie Rivas, and Sawyer Harrington were chosen as October Students of the Month at Basalt Middle School.

Every month from October through April, Basalt recognizes students from each Basalt school for being role models in their community. The Student of the Month program began in 2000 as a way to recognize the powerful role that character can play both in education and in the community. In 2002, the program was modified to incorporate six specific “Pillars of Character” for which a student can be nominated.

  “The Town of Basalt’s tradition of identifying students of the month at all levels is important because these are the qualities we want our students to develop as the future citizens of Basalt and communities of the world,” said Basalt High School Assistant Principal Megan Bairardo.

  Each month, teachers nominate a boy and a girl who exemplify that month’s pillar, and the teacher’s nominating narrative is read aloud when students receive their award at the monthly Basalt town council meeting. The foundational pillars for which students are recognized are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

  “These pillars are complementary qualities to the Roaring Fork Schools’ Habits of a Scholar, and it is important that we celebrate these values and skills in our youth,” Baiardo added. “To reflect, for example, on trustworthiness at an elementary, middle, and high school level allows us to celebrate our students’ growth in maturity, honesty, and doing the right thing as they progress towards our district mission of ensuring they have the skills and character to thrive in a changing world.”

  On Tuesday, Oct. 7, the first round of students were presented with their awards at the Basalt Town Council meeting. In addition to receiving a certificate and Basalt pin, students also receive a free Basalt pool pass for the following summer season.


Star kids
Courtesy photo Students Genesis Barva Alfaro and Eiverson Lopez were chosen as October Students of the Month at Basalt Elementary School.
Genesis Barva Alfaro

“Genesis is honest, and I know I can always rely on her to tell the truth even in uncomfortable situations. She is fair and does not ever try to cheat or steal or deceive myself or her fellow classmates. I can trust Genesis to always do what she says she will do. Other students in the class know they can also count on her to be responsible. I have noticed that she also stands by her friends and defends them if they need defending. I think Genesis is an ideal candidate for October’s nomination in Trustworthiness.” 

— Ms. Lee

Eiverson Lopez

“Eiverson is a hard-working, caring student who is always trying his best. Throughout the day Eiverson is working hard to be the best learner he can be. He is always offering to help me, and is always offering to help his peers. When students do not understand something or need help, he is always the first person to offer his help. I always know he is trying his best, and he is a joy to have in my class! Thank you for all of your hard work!” 

— Miss Loffredo


Etsy Torres Godinez

“Etsy does the right thing even if it isn’t the easy thing. She plans ahead so that she can be prepared for whatever life may throw at her. Teachers can trust her with any task and know that it will be done to the best of Etsy’s ability.” 

— The BMS Specials Team

Sawyer Harrington

“Whether in the classroom or during free time, teachers don’t have to stress out about his behavior — he has it dialed.  Sawyer does the right thing even if it isn’t the easy thing. He always does what is expected of him, without needing prompting. He is very respectful.” 

— The BMS Specials Team

Jamie Rivas

“I would like to nominate Jamie Rivas in 6th grade.  Jamie possesses unrivaled honesty in situations that would cause most students to seek silence.  She wields an unbreakable code of ethics and consistently speaks up for what is noble and right.  I could not be more impressed with her sense of judgment in challenging social situations, which earns her the respect of her peers and often deters others from poor choices.” 

— Mr. Newkirk 


BHS kids
Courtesy photo Students Anne Schrock and James Blazier were chosen as October Students of the Month at Basalt High School.
James Blazier

“Basalt High School Senior and head student James Blazier is the student of the month for trustworthiness for the month of October. James is an extremely responsible student who brings his moral fortitude to student council and school leadership. When we need help or student support, James is one of the first students we turn to — he is a good friend, an outstanding student, and a great activist for BHS.  It isn’t just a school trust that James will do what we ask, it is the knowledge he will do so in a manner that builds trust and pride throughout the entire BHS community.” 

— Megan Baiardo, Ted Parenti, Peter Mueller

Anne Schrock

“Anne Schrock is a senior at BHS who exudes adult-like responsibility and dependability. If we need something to be accomplished, she will. Anne, when asked to have something done, will get it to the table. She follows through with her words. A lot of people put their trust in Anne and share concerns and needs, knowing they are confiding in a safe place. And she’s got a knack for Catan and beat Smalley.” 

— Kelly Donnelly, Megan Baiardo, Ralph Smalley