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Snap Shot: First trusses up!
Habitat for humanity

The Basalt Vista housing development has seen significant action in the past few weeks — despite the recent cold weather. The development, adjacent Basalt High School, is a 27-unit project spearheaded by Habitat for Humanity of the Roaring Fork Valley (HFHRFV) in partnership with the Roaring Fork School District and Pitkin County government. Fifteen of the units will be reserved for teachers employed by the Roaring Fork School District. The remaining 12 units will be made available to other workers in the Roaring Fork Valley. The first building to rise from the ground is a duplex. According to HFHRFV president Scott Gilbert, pictured leaning on a wall that was actually constructed by inmates at the Crowley Correctional Facility in Olney Springs, Colo, the first unit should be ready for occupancy by June. Trusses were made by TrussFab in New Castle. HFHRF is serving as its own general contractor. According to Gilbert, “We have a full-time crew of eight, augmented by volunteeres, homeowners and key subs — electric, plumber, concrete, excavation.”