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Photos: Ice Karting
Ice Karting Karts

Aspen Ice Karting is a pop-up business utilizing the frozen surface of the man-made water-ski lake at Kodiak Lake in El Jebel. Owner Kiko Trincado was familiar with kart racing and saw a fun opportunity for the Roaring Fork Valley. Aspen Ice Karting is the only ice kart rental facility in the country.


 “It’s a constant learning to improve the karts for the snow. Again, we are the only ones doing this, so just learning every day how to make it better,” said owner Trincado. These are not your typical karts, but use high-end CRG frames with American made Briggs and Stratton engines. And by modifying the tires, exhaust, clutches and a lot of little parts the karts rip around on the ice.


There needs to be at least 7” of ice before they can design the track. Using snowblowers and a utility vehicle with a plow to clear the snow they are able to set a course that loops a little longer than a half mile around the surface of the lake. 


“The snow removal is constant through the season and we have to keep the ice clear of snow,”  Trincado points out. Though Aspen Ice Karting is open seven days a week they are weather dependent — temperatures must stay cold and yet they have to clear all the snow off the track before anyone can race. But once open, up to five karts can race at the same time, zipping around curves, zigzags and long straightaways.


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