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Photos: Digging the dirt
Bike race

On a private ranch just outside of Basalt, dirt bikes brap over groomed trails. Some are seasoned riders launching off jumps, others are first-timers learning to maneuver the machines over the terrain. This is the Aspen Dirt Bike School and with a fleet of bikes from 50cc to 450cc there is a ride for everyone. For 10 years the Aspen Dirt Bike School has been teaching riders of all abilities. 

By reservation only, there are two lessons a day throughout the summer. Two women on the track this past week were complete beginners. Snugly bundled in all the safety gear – helmet, pads, gloves, and goggles – they begin to build up speed working their way around the curves and jumps. Another group of teenage boys sits with an instructor as he runs them through tips and tricks to progress to the next features. But the winding track just doesn’t appear like that. The instructors work with builders that move the dirt to sculpt turns and jumps, climbs and drops.