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Photo: Nature presents a WTF moment

This perplexing aggregation of seemingly inexplicable water-born whatever was observed Tuesday in an eddy on the Roaring Fork River down from Crown Mountain Park. After posting the photo on various Facebook pages, explanations were aplenty and covered a wide gamut, such as, “Downstream accretion of fatty deposits and carbonation, subsequent to overconsumption of patè and champagne in communities located near headwater sewage treatment facilities. It’s been observed north of Beaver Creek as well” and “Looks like large condoms.” A scientist provided what sounded like an actual explanation: “It looks like foam that forms in the spring when snow

melt transports the insoluble/lipid-based part of organic matter into streams from soils. The turbulence in the streams ‘whip’ the lipids up much like when you create foam in cappuccinos or whipping cream and therefore it floats on the surface. It will eventually disappear once exposed to sunlight and microbes that will further decompose the foam.”