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What pool improvements does Basalt need?
Toni Kronberg


I am not sure which is more exciting — the new Roaring Fork Weekly Journal newspaper for El Jebel, Basalt and the Mid-Valley or the Request for Proposals that the town of Basalt has put out for improvement to Basalt's swimming pool at Arbaney Park.

Thanks to your paper for kick starting the Mid-Valley summer swim season with the June 6 article on swimming activities in the Mid-Valley (page 2), “Water activity picking up as temperatures rise” by RFWJ correspondent Chris Lougeay.

Thousands of kids live in the Mid-Valley with the Basalt swimming pool being the only pool that is close to home. Soon the public process will begin to find out what improvements would be best for the thousands of kids and families who live Mid-Valley.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a hot tub/warm water pool for kids and families to warm up in on those chilly morning and afternoons? Swim lessons would actually be fun knowing that when the teeth start chattering — there is warm water to stop the chilblains.

Please check the Roaring Fork Weekly Journal for updates.


Toni Kronberg