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Letter: Thanks to all who helped West Springs
Roger Sheffield


Re: “West Springs Hospital Finally up and Running” (RFWJ, Feb. 21, 2019): Thank you for a very in-depth and accurate story! This is the best article I’ve read about the hospital and the reasons for building it that I’ve seen since starting this campaign. You told “our story” exceptionally well. Your research and work on this are apparent and much much much appreciated. Thank you.

Also, I want to thank all of you who participated in the article. We sincerely appreciate your comments, but more importantly, we appreciate your support! Without Greg and Laurel’s grand idea of the challenge, I don’t think we would have crossed the philanthropic finish line. Without each of you supporting our efforts — the campaign would not have been successful. It was a superb team effort and each of you holds a very special place in our hearts — as well as in all the hearts of the patients who are served by West Springs Hospital! 

Thank you all – so very much for your help and support!

Bristlecone Mountain Sports rocks!


Roger Sheffield, Vice President, Development

West Springs Hospital