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Letter: School board recognition month


January is School Board Recognition Month, and the Roaring Fork Schools want to thank our board members for their commitment and contributions to our schools. Our board members volunteer countless evenings to learning about big and small issues so that they can make decisions on complex educational and social issues that affect our entire school community. It’s an important but tough job that is done without any compensation. 

Every year, we invite those who benefit from the time, talent and passion our board members contribute for the betterment of our schools to help us thank them. This year, we invited members of our school community to submit their appreciations for board members Jen Rupert, Shane Larson, Mary Elizabeth Geiger, Matt Hamilton and Jennifer Scherer. While there were too many to include here, we did want to share some examples of what our staff members appreciated.  

From Glenwood Springs Middle School teacher Autumn Rivera: “Dear board, I so appreciate all you do to support us teachers. You listen and really try to understand what our needs are ... I admire all the time you give to making Roaring Fork School District the best it can be. Thanks again for all you do. We are better because of it!”

From Roaring Fork High School teacher Adam Carballeira: “Thank you SO much for all the time and energy you GIVE to the kids and the future of our valley and world. On behalf of my family, school and community, we really appreciate it. As a recent inductee into the IBB process, I have a new appreciation for the level of detail and consideration that goes on behind the scenes ... ”

From Roaring Fork School District staff member Michael Logan: “I can't begin to imagine the depth and the breadth of the work involved in being a school board member, and it’s even more difficult to imagine the weight of the responsibility of your work. Thank you for all that you do, and especially for all the unnoticed and underappreciated elements of your work.” 

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughtful appreciations. If you see a board member, please remember to thank them for all that they do for our school community. 


The Roaring Fork Schools executive team