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Letter: New paper will help foster sense of place


It’s been variously said that Basalt needs to figure itself out, get a brand, find a place in the valley. Once and for all, Basalt is magnificent as it is — a singular, two-river mountain community, with abundant trails and both a charming historic downtown and urbanesque live-work-shop destination area for the whole valley and beyond. Moreover, Basalt is bursting with stories to tell and enough creative and talented people to sustain a large metropolis. What we don’t have is our own voice — until now.

How exciting to welcome the inaugural issue of the Roaring Fork Weekly Journal with its special focus on Basalt, El Jebel and the Mid-Valley. 

Newspapers do more than tell the news. A vibrant local paper is key to fostering community and a deep-rooted sense of place. It’s a mirror with which to view and shape our world. In black and white, we find our passions, interests and even disagreements in stark reality. An ongoing newspaper that bears our name can help channel this inimitable zeal, facilitate problem-solving, support local endeavors, and nurture our unflagging pride in this beautiful place in which we live. 

I applaud Editor John Fayhee’s thoughtful outreach to “locals” to hear what we want and need. Let’s all jump in in every possible way — with ideas, readership and advertising support. In turn, if it’s not already shaping up, I hope we’ll soon see a local advisory board and even, one day, an in-town office.


Robin Waters


Former Aspen Daily News Journalist