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Letter: Local is better, Lynn


Mr. Burton’s unpleasant experience buying a computer at Walmart or Office Depot could have been easily avoided. If he had looked around a little when making his many trips between those stores, he might have noticed the Software Store. Kevin has been building, selling, and maintaining computers in that shopping center since 1994. He could have answered any questions Mr. Burton had, and would have built a computer for him tailored to his specific needs. It’s absurd to expect anything from a big box store except a big box of brand name stuff with brand name logos, especially something as sophisticated as a computer. 

I’ve relied on the Software Store for all my computer needs as long as I’ve had one, and I’ve always been very pleased with the results. I use a computer for work as well as watching cat videos and have yet to come up with a situation which Kevin couldn’t handle quickly and simply and cheerfully.

It’s like restaurants. You can get brand name food-like stuff at McDonald’s or a good meal of real food at one of our many local restaurants. For a lot of us, local is better. For computers too. 

Michael Gassman