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Honoring the ways of waving
Jerry Murphey


Hi Waver:

In reference to your column, “The end of the wave” — (RFWJ, Sept. 19, 2019):

Motorcycles largely wave at each other. Harley riders surely wave at each other. Sport bikes don’t generally wave at anybody, particularly Harleys. They’re above all that. And scooter riders generally don’t wave at anybody either. They don’t get it. Maybe too young.

Jeep actively promotes the wave on its forums. And people do. Especially if they have tricked-out rigs. And often to other trucks and rigs that are tricked out. I do.

And I like to wave at others, if for no other reason than to confound them.

My dad was a one-finger waver, as all my friends pointed out to me in my little rural county in Florida when we were just of driving age.

Jerry Murphey

Driver in California

P.S.: I also had a Ford Econoline van in the Sixties, with a bed in the back.