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CDC plan is a missed opportunity
Patrick Hunter


Any buildings on the “park” are a loss for the future inhabitants of the community. This is true on several levels. 

Any building constructed today will emit greenhouse gas for the life of the building. “We,” the adults that have control, have an absolute obligation to preserve the future.  We HAVE to reduce emissions. 

There is no “need” for additional buildings and the people contained in them; or their impact on Basalt and the valley. No one’s life would suffer without this project. 

An opportunity is missed to inform the valley that development is detrimental and can be resisted politically. 

A beautiful space and scene will be lost to the community forever. Science informs us that these have real positive effects on people.  

Developments are actually tax “sponges.”There are wide reaching externalities needed to support the buildings. 

More development means more traffic and more congestion.

Development breeds development. This is not the last. 

We have fresh water problems.

We have air quality problems; more than greenhouse gases. 

No real problems are solved. We need renewable energy. A better use would have been to lay hundreds of yards of water pipe for geothermal energy and then pipe that to nearby buildings. Then cover that with a few pervious parking spaces with solar paneled roofs, with charging stations for EV cars. 

What we will also see (or not) is folks dipping their hands in the public till.



Patrick Hunter