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Mailer explains Basalt's annual budget

The town of Basalt announced this week it will be mailing to residents a 2019 Basalt Budget educational mailer to help explain its current $12.3 million budget. 

Locals should receive the letter by early June. 

The piece was developed by the Town’s Finance Advisory Board members, Ann Nichols and Doug MacDonald, according to the statement.

The piece endeavors to update the community on the advisory board’s mission and the recent steps taken to improve the town’s fiscal accountability. An accompanying diagram illustrates revenues and expenditures in Basalt’s 2019 budget. 

“The board’s hope is that this piece serves as a baseline for conversations and future updates on the Town’s annual budget, mill levy and fiscal transparency and accountability,” it was noted.

“We hope that community members will find it helpful in understanding the sources of revenue for the Town and how the money is spent, especially as a starting point in the context of public discussions,” the board members wrote in the letter. 

For additional questions and comments about the mailer and the town budget, contact Christy Hamrick, Town Finance Director, at or 970-927-4701.